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Eugene Climate Action

This fall, the Eugene City Council will consider an ordinance prohibiting natural gas in all new low-rise residential buildings beginning next year.  

While Council has heard from a small group of people that want forced electrification, they have not heard from the majority of Eugene residents yet. 

We’ve heard city councilors say how important it is to hear from their constituents before they make a policy decision like this. Please consider taking action to share your views with Eugene City Council.


Poll Shows Eugene Voters Oppose Gas Bans

Recent research conducted by Portland-based DHM research on behalf of NW Natural shows that: 70% of Eugene voters oppose a ban on new natural gas hookups in all homes and buildings. Of those surveyed, 53% are “strongly opposed” to a ban. Click here to read more on the poll. 

The Choice is Yours - For Now

Today, we have a choice between natural gas and electricity. But the Eugene City Council is considering a proposal by activists that would ban natural gas in new homes, businesses and industries. They call it “electrification.” In fact, we’re already free to choose electricity. Anyone who wants to can have all electric appliances in their home.

We're also free to choose natural gas. And most of us do. In Oregon, roughly 2 out of 3 choose natural gas for home heating. It’s efficient, affordable and reliable. And its use in Oregon homes accounts for 4% of the state’s emissions.

What's really on the city council agenda is “forced electrification” – a ban on choice. Learn more.


Renewable Energy For the Pipeline

Renewable natural gas turns the problem of waste into a powerful climate solution using our pipeline network already in place. RNG is considered carbon neutral because both combustion and lifecycle emissions do not contribute a net-increase in greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Looking ahead, we also see emerging opportunities to bring low-carbon sources of hydrogen into our energy mix at a large scale.

Learn more about our work on renewable natural gas and renewable hydrogen here.

An Open Letter to the Eugene Community

"We are representatives of a diverse set of stakeholders, including thousands of fellow Eugene residents who wake up each day to sweat the details on home ownership, home building and making sure you have the energy you need. While we come from different perspectives, we share a principled approach to thoughtful carbon reduction policies and believe in housing policies that ensure affordability, reliability and resiliency in the long run for the people we serve and represent. 

That's why we’re coming together today to call your attention to something that’s as disappointing as it is surprising – a Eugene City Council work session that could result in prohibiting natural gas and renewable natural gas in new homes and businesses."

Read the full letter from UA Local Union 290, Home Builders Association of Lane County, and Eugene REALTORS. 

Resiliency Benefits for Our Community

Communities with natural gas have greater energy reliability. We need a dual energy system – gas and electric – to handle peak energy loads and to prepare for a future with potentially more extreme weather events. Click here to learn how homes and businesses with gas service can have energy even when the power is out.

Six Facts About the Role of the Gas System in a Carbon-Neutral Future
  1. Recent polling shows that Eugene voters want a decarbonized pipeline—not gas bans—for our clean energy future.
  2. A large amount of energy for a modest footprint.
  3. A diversified system is a reliable system.
  4. Natural gas: Today’s best energy option to meet our region’s biggest needs.
  5. NW Natural is evolving its supply to deliver and store renewables.
  6. Cooking with natural gas is strongly preferred for a reason.

See more on these key facts about the important role of the gas system here.

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Send an Email to City Council

Share your views with the Eugene City Council about proposals to ban natural gas in homes and commercial buildings.

Ask City Council: Where Are the Studies?

Send an email to city councilors asking for the analysis of proposals that significantly alter Eugene’s energy future.

Ask City Council: How Do Gas Ban Proposals Support Energy Reliability?

Submit questions to councilors on how they will ensure renewable, resilient, affordable energy choice in our community.

Ask City Council: What’s the Public Engagement Plan for Gas Ban Proposals?

Submit questions to city councilors on how they will ensure public opinion is heard on energy choice in Eugene.

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