Monday, April 11
7:15 pm

Take Action for Eugene's Energy Future at the April 11 Public Forum

On Monday April 11, 2022, the Eugene City Council is holding a public forum using Zoom to hear from the community on a proposal to ban new hookups for natural gas—including renewable natural gas—in homes and commercial buildings. 

We encourage all who are able to participate in the public forum to tell city councilors there’s a better path to our renewable energy future.

Eugene City Council Public Forum
Monday, April 11
Begins at 7:15 p.m.

In addition to speaking at the public forum, you can submit a written comment to the City Council at your convenience. 

If you plan to speak before the City Council during this forum, below are key principles for consideration as you prepare your statement:

  • Helping customers use less is the fastest and cheapest way to reduce emissions.
  • All forms of renewable energy are needed in a balanced, low-carbon future.
  • Communities served by the gas system have greater energy reliability.
  • Leveraging the existing modern gas system in new ways must be a priority.
  • Families and businesses should have a choice of energy options to meet their needs. Energy system diversification and competition provides the best opportunity for accelerated innovation.
  • We must drive toward carbon neutrality in a way that leaves no one behind.
Will you come?